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9- Goblet of Fire
5- Star Wars: ROTS
4- User Info Banners (1- Lost (Sawyer), 1- Ron/Hermione, 1- GoF Poster, 1- Cedric)


Not much variety today, but I haven't been feeling the creative bug this week. Comment and credit/usual stuff...

Harry Potter
01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Trailer:
07. 08. 09.

User Info Banners:
I'm not sure if there is a market out there for User Info Banners...I made these for myself, but then decided to share. The Sawyer one actually matches my layout. Let me know if you want to see more of these in the future, or not!


Text: I don't remember, but I'm fairly certain it's jibberish


Text: Dumbledore's "Remember Cedric" speech

GoF Poster:

Text: World on Fire- Sarah McLachlan


Text: Time- Sarah McLachlan

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Snagged 4 and 10 will credit when used,nice job!
Number one is now mine. :D
Gorgeous! Snagged a bunch of the HP ones.

I agree, smoke and backlighting = teh awesome. ;)
these are all awesome! snagged #'s 1, 6 & 12. I also snagged the GoF poster and R/H user info banner. Will credit when used. :)
Took 2 & 3. I also love the banners, they're gorgeous!
I have kidnapped ALL OF YOUR HP ICONS!!!! I also might use that GoF banner sometime also!!!
snagged 11 and 14! awesome, thanks!!!
Snagged the Cedric banner. Will credit in userinfo. :)
These are beautiful! Snagging #3. Will credit. :)
Oh, and, if you don't mind my asking - what image did you use for the fourth Ron/Hermione banner? (I know its a manip, but what was the original picture used?) I have that picture saved on my computer, but its very small. :)


12 years ago


12 years ago

nominating #3 at hp_awards, if that's ok with you ^^
Thank you!
I took #9. These are beauuuuuuuutiful!! (And I'm in love with all of the new screencaps)
Ohhh I just LOVE the ones you made with the new poster! Too gorgeous. Snagging #5, will credit you. :D
snagged the Cedric... loved it. ;)
Snagged the R/HR banner...
Snagging a couple of the banners, because they're lovely. And Star Wars Icons! Awesome

Might I ask, is the text on the one of Obi-Wan 'The Best Laid Plans o' mice and men gang aft agley' by Robbie Burns?

Thank you!

No, it's not...sorry. Just an old saying. :)


12 years ago

I snagged the Hermione icon. =D
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